Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Hope Uganda (NHU)?

New Hope Uganda is a non-profit mission in Uganda serving primarily fatherless children, but also other oppressed children and adults.  Our mission is to bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.  The main initiatives of NHU are two primary schools, a secondary school, family groups (for those without living family or caregivers), three community churches, a camp ministry, and training for those wanting to bring the Gospel to their communities.  New Hope Uganda consists of three sites, Kasana Children’s Center, Kobwin Children’s Center, and Musana Camps.  To learn more, please visit our Initiatives page.

What is New Hope Uganda’s mission statement?

Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.

How and when did New Hope Uganda start?

The Uganda civil wars in the 1980’s, primarily in the Luwero triangle, led to an increase in the orphan population in Uganda.  Jay and Jonnes laid the groundwork for New Hope Uganda in Luwero starting in 1986 and the ministry was founded in 1990.  New Hope Uganda began with 10 orphans, one family group, and a primary school.

Is NHU affiliated with any specific denomination or church?

NHU is not affiliated with any specific denomination. Many different churches have partnered with us in our mission.  For more information, please visit Our Beliefs page.

What is the difference between NHU, New Hope Uganda Ministries (NHUM), NHU UK, and NHU Ministry for Children?

NHU is the ministry on the ground in Uganda.  NHUM is the U.S.-based support organization, NHU UK is the UK-based support organization, and NHU Ministry for Children is the Canada-based support organization.  All organizations play a vital role in supporting our missionaries from their respective countries, sending teams, and engaging partners in our ministry.

Where can I learn more about New Hope Uganda?

You can learn more on Our Initiatives page or Our Story page.  If you would like the whole story, read Jennie Dangers’ book, The Long Road to Hope.  Make a suggested donation of $15 and we’ll send you one!

What makes NHU sponsorship unique from other sponsorship programs?

  • Our program is small (400 children), making it more personal. Our sponsorship coordinators and staff in Uganda have relationships with the children.  We consider our children sons and daughters.  We are very much a family.
  • Family is important to us. All our children in our program are in need and the vast majority are fatherless.  We try to keep children with their family if they have any still living.  We do so by enabling them through providing necessities, education and encouragement.  It is ideal for children to be with the family God provided them.  If our children truly don’t have living biological family or if the home situation is significantly unhealthy, they are placed in one of our family groups on site.
  • Sponsors are welcomed and encouraged to meet their children in Uganda if they are able. You will have the unique opportunity to spend as much time as we can provide with your children. Relationship is very important in Uganda!  While many ministries only allow a brief meeting with a child, often we can arrange many meetings over your time visiting.
  • We take only 2% out of basic child sponsorships for administrative costs. This is very low compared to other ministries.  We want as much going to the children as we can possibly afford.

What does my child receive through sponsorship?

Necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, hygiene products, and education, and they will learn of God their heavenly Father.

Can I only send my sponsor letters through the mail?

No, you can email your letters, but these can’t include picture.  Please email them to

Does each child only have one sponsor?

Many of the children sponsored at $70/month only have one sponsor.  A lot of our children have two sponsors and some whose care is costlier, like our special needs children and those receiving higher education, have several sponsors.

How can I learn more about my child?

If you have a specific question about your child, email our sponsorship coordinator Jill Pogmore at

How can I support NHU?

You can support the work of NHU through prayer, service (both domestically and internationally), child sponsorship, and through general financial support.  Please contact the support organization within your country for more information about specific partnership opportunities.

What are some examples of ways I can volunteer?

We are always in need of individuals who are willing to help tell our story.  This can be anything from helping us prepare a mailing, engaging your church or small group, selling some Ugandan baskets and jewelry made by some of the women we serve, or offering your graphic design, writing, or technology skills.  Contact us if you would like to volunteer and we can find a way for you to use your gifts to serve the ministry.  Please contact for more information about how to volunteer within the U.S.

You can also go on a short-term mission trip to one of our ministry sites.  We can use people with just about any skill set you can imagine: construction, technology, tutoring, videography, photography, mural painting, medical, dental, VBS, and ministry in general.  We can work with you to explore how your gifting could help meet a need on the ground in Uganda.  Email

How do I set up a trip to visit New Hope Uganda?

Please email and we will help you plan your trip!

Can I share New Hope Uganda with my friends on Facebook?

Yes, like our page and share it!

Please visit our Get Involved page for more information.

What is the best way to financially support NHU?

The best way to financially support NHU is through an online donation to the general fund.  Our needs are constantly changing.  It is a blessing for the ministry to have funds readily available to address them.  Our secure online donation system reduces the amount of work for our staff, saves on postage, paper, and is the most efficient for you.  Within seconds of donating you will receive a tax-deductible receipt in your email with a link to manage your own giving account.  We are also happy to process checks or cash if this is your preferred way of giving.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

We want to hear from YOU!  We value your insight and we want to answer your questions. We want you to feel like you are part of our team – because you are! Don’t hesitate to send us an email with comments or questions about anything.  Here is a list that will help you get in touch with the right person: