Missionaries | Nancy Kirsch

Nancy Kirsch

VP of Ministry and Care

22 Years

I started working with New Hope in 1998 when I went to Uganda to help start our secondary school. After teaching and being involved in leadership positions for nine years, I transitioned to other roles within the ministry in Uganda, mainly in education and in administration. In 2018 my daughter and I moved back to America as my daughter was ready for college, and I started working with New Hope from the United States. My desire has always been to serve the Lord and to be helpful, making the ministry better in any area that I serve in. What I love about New Hope is the long-term commitment we make to our children and the opportunity to be a small part of the life story of our children. I love seeing how God uses our grown sons and daughters to further His kingdom. Currently I serve as the Vice-President of Ministry and Care. I help represent the ministry to some of our donors and the rest of the time I am helping things to run smoothly here in America.

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