Missionaries | Keith & Laura Beth McFarland

Keith & Laura Beth McFarland

Director of Institute for Gospel Transformation

16 Years Serving with New Hope Uganda

In 2002, we first came to New Hope Uganda to attend the first class of the Institute for Gospel-Transformation. We were deeply impacted and knew that New Hope would be a great place to be mentored in family and ministry. In 2004, we began serving with the Institute for Gospel-Transformation where I (Keith) began leading and developing the Institute, and together we mentor individuals and couples attending the course. Since then, we’ve added six children to our family, implemented a Pastoral Training Course for village pastors with our good friend Paul Kusubira, and I’m also an elder of Kasana Community Church. Laura Beth and I enjoy working with fatherless children, supporting Ugandan leaders, and I delight to have an outlet for Bible teaching and discipleship of leaders. Our passion is for the fatherless to know the Father and experience family, as well as building up local healthy churches.


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