Introducing Scott Lisea

Earlier in 2017, we appointed Scott Lisea to the New Hope Uganda Ministries Board. As NHUM continues to grow, we recognize it is important to be attentive to God’s direction regarding our leadership team. Scott received a Doctorate of Ministry in Practical Theology and brings with him three decades of leadership experience.

We’ll let Scott take it from here so you too can see why we are excited to have him on our advisory board.

Pictured: Scott, with his with, Jamie, and their three sons and daughter-in-law.

Jamie and I have been married for 28 years. We have raised three sons and my nephew. Our son, Tyler, is married to Brittany. Reed is a senior in college and Braeden is a freshman in college. I often speak at conferences, retreats, and seminars. Together, Jamie and I regularly speak at marriage conferences.

I was first introduced to New Hope Uganda when I had the privilege of serving on the first NHU missionary team in 1988. Since then, Jamie and I have supported the work, and stay in contact with the founders, Jay and Vicki Dangers. We care deeply about this ministry and want to see it continue.


“It’s a beautiful offering to change a child’s life forever.”


Seeing the mission was at a critical place in growth and transition, I accepted the appointment to the NHUM Board. I spent seven years in Christian education and 23 years on the Young Life staff in California for a total of 30 years of mission leadership experience.

This past year God’s plan has been revealed through the good people coming around the work of NHU and working to ensure the work endures and that we are structured to serve Ugandan families as long as there is work to do. God is raising up excellent leadership and resources.

NHU’s donors are special. Most philanthropic giving goes to organizations and entities that benefit the giver (schools, clubs, etc.). Giving to Ugandan orphans is the purest kind of giving—it is truly and wholly for the benefit of those children. I think this pleases God and reflects the compassionate heart of our Father. When people give to NHU, it blows me away. It’s a beautiful offering to change a child’s life forever. Think of all that is downstream of that—whole new futures.


“This is what I want to be a part of—changing lives, futures, and destinies.”


Next year I am looking forward to seeing God’s provision over some key leadership roles, re-engaging our supporters, and the opportunity to visit NHU in July for a joint board meeting.

I am most passionate about our work with the fatherless. It is one of the holiest of works. The fact that we house them, put them in families, educate them, disciple them, and train them for the future—this is what I want to be a part of—changing lives, futures, and destinies.

We are thankful God led us to Scott and pleased he has chosen to generously give his wisdom and experience to our ministry.