Thanking God for My Students

As I stare at the messy, scribbled out, erased-then-rewritten calendar, I find names of some of my students. Students’ names hidden between the harsh Sharpie-black lines. Names of students whom we have journeyed with, cried with, and shared joy with.

Today I am thanking God for my students. Whether the individuals who labor at the piano bench, or those who stretch and discipline their rebellious fingers around the fret board. Those students who endure through the boring areas of music theory or those who sit through worship team practice time and time again. And those who bear it all by opening up their mouth and letting out that joyful noise He has given them.

In what can feel like a dark, obnoxiously noisy world, there are some who desire to break through the shadows with a sound. A sound that lifts High the One who gave them that voice, that talent, that desire.

It is a joy to watch these students grow, to see God’s perfect love transform once fearful hearts, and to be a part of their story.  I thank God for them.

– Hannah Kusler

Youth and Music Ministry Coordinator

Kasana Children’s Centre


Photos courtesy of Allison LaBianca and Wesley Steeb