Pastoral Training Institute: 2016 in Review & Dreams for 2017

The Pastoral Training Institute (PTI) provides a holistic approach to pastoral and ministry training, addressing both the spiritual and physical needs of village pastors, their families, churches, and communities. The course runs for one week a month over a three-year period where pastors are confronted with a Biblical worldview that confronts all areas of their lives with the Gospel as the centerpiece. The first year is geared toward foundations (heart & family), the second year is Bible-intensive, and the third is geared toward church and practice.

Keith McFarland with pastors at PTI.

Keith McFarland with pastors at PTI.

PTI is helping pastors provide for their families and impact their communities through providing training in “family-based agribusiness & animal husbandry.” Our 15-acre farm provides hands on learning experience in areas ranging from poultry and pigs, to coffee, staple crops, banana, fruit and wood trees.

This year has been busy as we launched a new PTI group with 12 pastors faithfully attending each month. New Hope’s ministry site in Kobwin (eastern Uganda) has provided a base for church impact, as 60-100 pastors joyfully gather each time we offer any kind of Biblical training throughout the year. We have also started week-long followup sessions with previous PTI graduates for further equipping and training multiple times a year. We were so encouraged to hear one former student testify, “If PTI did not impact us, I would have given up our ministry a long time ago. Thank you, and please, keep up the good work!!”


2016 PTI group.

We continue to grow in our self-sustainability, as this year we were able to re-launch our chicken egg business with 900 hens ready to lay, and we have planted over 2,000 pine trees as a long-term investment strategy.

Our chicken-egg project.

Our chicken project.

God has given us big plans for 2017! As we continue our ongoing trainings, we hope this year to begin an official pastoral training institute in Kobwin, even as we look to increase the number of trainings and conferences that we do locally and focus more on the church planting and networking side of the ministry. We are seeking a monthly support base of $250 for these initiatives. Our highest priority on site is to provide water and electricity. In order to do this we need $4,000 for the water and $2,000 for the electricity. We also desperately need to build a series of small banda-style houses for our married students with young children. The cost for each of these is around $15,000 per house.

We are thankful for the good work the Father has entrusted to us and His faithfulness.  He has supplied our needs and carried us this far, and we are thankful for all of you who have faithfully served and given generously to the PTI!

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