Cabins for Kids Two Year Anniversay

There is excitement and anticipation in the air as we hear the bus rumbling down the camp drive.  Once the bus rolls to a stop, campers come tumbling out of the door, ready to be done with their journey, stretch their legs some, and have some fun.  We welcome them, perhaps with a silly song, and as we chat on the way to their cabins, we wonder about each campers’ story and how they are going to be challenged and changed by God’s Word during their week.  We get to a cabin, open the door, and welcome them to their home, their refuge, their safe haven for the week, praying that even within those walls, they will experience God in a way they never have before.

Many more children are able to attend camp because of the new cabins.

June 13th marks the 2 year anniversary since the last mile of the Cabins for Kids campaign was pedaled, which means a couple of our 8 cabins have had campers in them for almost 2 years.  We have been blessed to now have dependable, easy-to-maintain buildings in which to host more people, increasing the potential impact of this ministry.  It has been great to be able to easily accommodate groups of 70, 90, even 115.  We are incredibly grateful for the Lord’s provision through His people.

But we are not done growing and building yet!  There are more than 3 million people within a 3 hour radius of Musana Camps, and many of them are broken, hurting, and needing to hear the gospel of Christ.  So we press on through the means and mode that God has given to us, seeking Him for the next step forward.

We are thankful for our new clinical officer working in the clinic!

We eventually will need to build more cabins, but for right now, we have a more pressing need – staff housing.  We are currently maxed out in our housing.  In order to care for our campers adequately, we need to hire more quality staff, but in order to hire more staff we need places for them to stay!  Because of the remoteness of our location, it is not possible to find suitable housing options in our surrounding community, leaving us with the need to build.  So, building additional staff homes is one of our current ministry strategies for greater impact.

Please join us in praying for staff housing, and if the Lord puts it on your heart, you are welcome to give knowing that it is all part of our vision:  to see men and women defined, transformed, and set free by God’s Truth.