5 Years!!!

Games at Musana Camps.

Games at Musana Camps.

September 9th marked the 5th anniversary of the beginning of Musana Camps. The “beginning” consisted of a group of 41 people camping in pop-up tents on a hilltop overlooking the lake, fetching water from a stream and cooking on a campfire. It was five months from that time that the first building was live-able and the first staff family moved on site.

Looking back we see the Lord’s fingerprints all throughout the initial development of this ministry —from the staff that He brought, to the buildings that have been built, to the over 1540 campers that have come through our gate thus far.

Musana Camps now has 20 staff, we have facilities to host groups of up to 40 (although we frequently exceed that!), and we have various enterprises to help off-set operational expenses. The potential for Musana Camps that we saw in the beginning has been confirmed in the last 5 years as each person who has come to Musana has heard about Jesus Christ and has had the opportunity to begin or grow in their relationship with Him. We are excited to see where the lord leads us in the future.

Looking ahead to the final months of this year and the beginning of 2014, we will be further developing our biblical manhood and womanhood programs as well as finishing more bathroom facilities, finishing our clinic, and furthering our enterprise endeavors. Wemc1 also hope to begin building cabins.

As staff, we are blessed to be part of the Lord’s work at Musana Camps and are thankful for the part you play as well!