1 More Child at Musana Camps

By Dave Bouffard, Manager of Musana  Camps, NHU Staff since Jan. 2010

The younger boys from 1 More Child

“Sam” was one of about 40 street boys from a slum outside of Jinja who came for a Musana Camps program with an organization based out of the UK called “1 More Child.” He comes from a tribe in the harsh northeast of the country called the “Karamojong” – a tribe scorned by all others in Uganda. Sam had a blast while at the camp swimming in Lake Victoria, hiking all over our 900 acres, participating in initiative games, singing around the campfire, chasing monkeys, playing football (soccer), and more.

At the end of the camp, he jokingly threatened to hide in the jungle when the bus came so he could stay longer! In fact, all of the boys were begging us to let them come back over Christmas. The Spirit was truly working in the lives of those boys during their stay. We shared devotions with them each day focusing on making good choices that will lead them on a path towards God and bring him glory, rather than living merely out of self-obsession and self-protection. The boys learned that making good choices involves faith, wisdom, integrity, and love. They also learned that all of that is gained through a relationship with God, studying his Word, and learning from other Christ followers.

Enjoying the lake!


Ugandan boys love football!

Most of these boys have endured very harsh conditions in the slum they live in. It is easier for them to beg for money or food than to try to earn money somehow due to the extreme poverty and lack of opportunity they have. Yet during their camp, we challenged them to choose to work hard instead of begging on the streets of Jinja, and to live in relationship with Christ and others, all of which God desires for them. Work is part of God’s plan for our lives, and these boys are beginning to see how begging is not. We are praying that Sam is making good choices back in Jinja, and that we will see him again when his group returns to Musana Camps. Experiences like Sam’s are what Musana Camps is all about and it was such a blessing to host those boys.