Gospel Transformation

During the five-month Ministry Preparation Course consisting of lectures, study, and practical hands-on experience, I4GT gives a foundation from which one can move into a richly rewarding ministry.

The course work is based on New Hope Uganda’s 28+ years of experience applying the Word of God to the practical issues of life and ministry to orphaned children and families in Uganda. Each day there are opportunities to be involved in a variety of practical experiences and real-life ministry given the context of living on-site at New Hope Uganda’s Kasana Children’s Center in the heart of Uganda.

Students will find the accommodations clean and rustic. Six round brick huts with metal roofs and concrete floors are simply decorated and include locally-made furniture.

Bathing is done by bucket outside in a small stall attached to each hut and water is provided from a nearby borehole for washing and bathing. Latrines are located just outside each cluster of huts. Students will find electricity available, though not always reliable. All meals are served in the common meeting area and include a blend of authentic Ugandan cuisine and continental dishes.