Gospel Transformation

Ministry Preparation and Orphan Care Course

This course is designed for men and women who are called by God to serve in some capacity of ministry to people. It is a deeply transformational journey for those willing to expose their hearts and trust God, leaders, and one another. The course requires a degree of maturity in life and the Christian faith. It is a foundations course, which means that the topics covered are not exhaustive and are meant to be built on and applied in a variety of contexts. The diversity of the class in terms of tribe and nations makes it a culturally-exposing, discipleship-oriented, and community-centered experience.

Course Topics

  • Worldview Introduction
  • African Worldview
  • Western Worldview and Technology
  • Depravity, the Gospel of Grace and Repentance
  • Cultural Idolatry
  • Ethnocentrism and Reconciliation
  • The Glory of God
  • Authority, Interpretation, and Application of Scripture
  • Attributes of God and Trinity
  • Fatherhood of God
  • The Heart of an Orphan
  • The Gospel: Justification & Spiritual Adoption
  • Biblical Counseling- Part 1: The Heart of the Counselor
  • Manhood and Womanhood
  • Marriage and Family
  • Shepherding/Training Children
  • Singleness, Marriage and Family
  • Old Testament Foundations
  • New Testament Foundations
  • Suffering and the Gospel
  • Biblical Counseling- Part 2: Engaging the Sufferer
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • History- Western and African Church History
  • The Centrality of the Church
  • Stewardship: Money, Finances, and Christ-Sufficiency

Course Emphasis

While the course follows a mostly established curriculum, we understand that students engaged in various aspects of ministry may require specialized focus, assignments, and practice to be better equipped for future ministry. Therefore, students can choose from the following emphases:

  • Ministry to the Fatherless
  • Christian Education
  • Cross-Cultural Missions (in or outside of Uganda)
  • General Ministry & Discipleship
  • Family Ministry
  • Pastoral/Church Ministry

Course Duration

Currently we are running one course per year, for 20 weeks.  The next course will be January 13th-June 5th 2020.

Course Tuition Costs

For information regarding tuition costs and all other inquiries please email info@i4gt.com