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Ugandan Missionary Housing

It is our continued desire to employ local Ugandans as the majority of our ministry staff. This is the most effective way to reach the local community. Providing safe housing allows us to keep quality staff and solve the issue of the lack of available rentals in the surrounding communities.  We would also like to fill some needed positions, but we are unable to do so until we can provide more safe housing suitable for families.  Give today.

Musana Camps Duplex

Short description: Duplex with 2 one-bedroom apartments, providing housing
for 2 singles, married couples, or married couples with a small child.

Total Cost: $48,400

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Kobwin Duplex

Short description: Duplex with 2 three-bedroom apartments, accommodat-ing 2 Ugandan missionary families. This would free up space in the round-hut structures to accommodate more singles and interns.

Total Cost: $60,000

Dollar for dollar match opportunity in memory of Ralph & Lena Fern!

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