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Securing Ministry Land

Land ownership is very complex in Uganda because of the cultural and historical contexts. For example, land can be owned, but still have several individuals with standing surface land rights. Surface land rights were created to favor the lower class. Once you own the land you are expected to negotiate with the squatters and those with surface land rights.

NHU owns their land, but we need to finish these negotiations now as inflation continues to impact costs. It is our desire to make a wise investment now, so that we will have more funding to care for our children into the future.  Give today.


Our Ugandan board has consulted with a lawyer for an cost to complete legal work for all our remaining land issues.

$34,571 Musana Camps legal squatter settlement.
$14,286 Musana Camps title conversion from lease to freehold.
$14,286 Nabisojo land title transfer.
$4,286 Nabisojo land fencing.
$10,000 Kobwin title transfer and lease payment.
$2,857 Pastoral Training Institute land title transfer.
$2,286 Entebbe land title transfer.
$92,651 Total

Summary of Land Use

Musana – Location of Musana Camps. It is important to resolve land issues here for safety and to preserve the retreat-like atmosphere.

Nabisojo – Fertile and naturally irrigated land gifted in 2017. We plan to use this land as a sustainability project and income generator.

Entebbe – Land gifted to NHU in 2014. After legal matters are settled we plan to sell this land as income for the ministry.

Kobwin – Location of Kobwin Children’s Center.

PTI – Location of the Pastoral Training Institute and sustainability projects.

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