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Higher Education Scholarships

New Hope Uganda has been around for 30 years now and we have many grown sons and daughters working in successful careers!  Many are working in the medical field, social work, business, and even starting their own ministries.

We want to provide our older children with opportunities setting them up for success, but if they would like to pursue a university education, a $70/month sponsorship does not cover the higher expenses.  We have established a scholarship fund, for those pursuing more costly career paths.

Also, our Ugandan missionaries are paid a lesser salary than what they could make elsewhere. However, we provide many other benefits like our scholarship fund for their children. Partner with us to continue providing a scholarship fund to our students and Ugandan missionary children.  Give today.


We would like to have 84 scholarships available for our early adulthood children and 40 scholarships available for NHU Ugandan missionary children.


$81,968 2-year goal (84 early adulthood & 40 missionary children)

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