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Musana Camps Scholarships

Uganda has a monumental orphan crisis with 3 million orphans. While many see the orphans as the problem, New Hope Uganda recognizes the deeply-rooted cultural sickness, and the orphan situation is a severe symptom.  What is this sickness? Simply put, it is a sin-ravaged culture where the Biblical design for family has been essentially destroyed.

As a result, we see a lot of polygamy and absent father homes. Often times, children are abandoned or raised by extended family such as grandparents.  To address these deep-rooted cultural distortions of family, we began Musana Camps, where we teach young adults about Biblical manhood and womanhood, preparing them for a future grounded in life-giving truth.  Give today.


We would like every NHU son and daughter to go to a ROPES camp, but the cost of camp is above and beyond what sponsorship covers. A scholarship covers all transport, food, room, and board for a week-long camp.


$14,820 2-year goal (110 scholarships).

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