Get Involved

We at New Hope believe that God has called us to a great work – a work that is far beyond our capacity.  We enthusiastically welcome YOU to join us in this great work.  Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the Fatherless of Uganda will only be possible if the Body of Christ bands together toward this great goal.  Let’s do it!


Here’s how you can invest:

The best way to invest at NHU is through the general fund. This allows the wise leadership of NHU to assign funds to areas of greatest need.  If you would like to donate to a specific need, here is a current list of big and small things that would be a huge blessing to NHU.

Learn more about these specific projects.

Kasana Children’s Center

  • General Fund Giving ($2,000/month)
  • 2 latrine needed to meet new school requirements ($10,000)
  • Database for staff ($2,240)
  • Motorbike for administration ($1,456)
  • 100 Mattresses ($28/mattress)
  • 100 shoes for children ($20/pair)
  • Shoes for children (100 needed, $20/pair)
  • Repair for children’s houses ($50,000)
  • Bicycles for village care takers ($94/bike, 12 needed)
  • Counseling training for childcare staff ($725)
  • Database for children ($2,240)
  • Motorbike for the education department ($1,456)
  • Lawn mower ($725)
  • Netballs, footballs, and volleyballs ($168)
  • Two sets of drums ($300)
  • External practice exams for NHA S4 class ($506)
  • Required field trips for NHA students ($715)
  • Administration block for primary school ($56,000)

Musana Camps

  • General fund ($1,500/month)
  • Camper scholarships
  • Ugandan family Home ($50,000)
  • Underground wiring to power lines ($30,000)
  • Medical equipment and completion of clinic building ($19,000)
  • Climbing wall ($8,070)
  • Basketball court ($30,000)
  • Volleyball court ($7,000)
  • Challenge course completion ($3,000)
  • Remaining tuition and travel for the Kanyike family, Ugandan missionaries, who are in the U.S. receiving training for camps ministry ($7,000)

Kobwin Children’s Center

  • General fund
  • 2 latrines needed to meet new school requirements ($10,000)
  • Staff duplex ($50,400)
  • Classrooms ($6,632)
  • Textbooks ($10/book)
  • School desks ($46/desk, 30 needed)
  • Computer internet set-up ($1,520)
  • Networking equipment and installation ($2,020)
  • Fencing in property ($988)