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We at New Hope believe that God has called us to a great work – a work that is far beyond our capacity.  We enthusiastically welcome YOU to join us in this great work.  Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the Fatherless of Uganda will only be possible if the Body of Christ bands together toward this great goal.  Let’s do it!

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2018 NHUM (U.S.) Partnership Opportunities

Each year we prayerfully narrow down the ministry’s strategic fundraising priorities and let you, our partners, know about them. Below are the most important fundraising needs for 2018.  We ask you to join us in praying over these areas of need.  If you are able, please consider a contribution which will, in turn, enable us to better care for our children. Thank you so much and may God richly bless your sacrifice.

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Giving Instructions


The core of New Hope Uganda is to bring the Fatherhood of God while offering the orphan physical and spiritual care.  Sponsorship provides excellent Christian and agricultural education, medical needs, daily food and clothing, a family environment, parental leadership, and an opportunity for a better future.  Sponsor a child or Ugandan missionary today.

$35/month co-sponsorship or $70/month full sponsorship

2018 Goal = 300 new sponsorships


Securing Ministry Land

Land ownership is very complex in Uganda because of the culture.  Even though NHU owns their land, there are standing issues involving long-time squatters in four different locations.  We must address these issues in a legal manner to finally secure and protect the land from present and future threats.  It is our desire to seek legal counsel and relocate the squatters in an ethical and Christian way.

$28,571 – Musana Camps legal squatter settlements.
$14,286 – Musana Camps title conversion.
$14,286 – Nabisojo land title transfer.
$4,286 – Nabisojo land fencing.
$10,000 – Kobwin title transfer.
$2,857 – PTI land title transfer.
$2,286 – Entebbe land legal logistics and transfers.

$92,651 Total Needed

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Ugandan Missionary Housing

At New Hope Uganda, it is our continued desire to employ local Ugandans as the majority of our ministry staff.  This is the most effective way to reach the local community.  Providing safe housing allows us to keep quality staff and solve the issue of the lack of available rentals in the surrounding communities.  Many of our single staff are getting married and starting families, needing larger housing.  In addition, we are unable to hire new staff as there is no housing available.

$48,400 Musana duplex and $60,000 Kobwin duplex

More Information on the Musana duplex

More Information on the Kobwin duplex

Electricity for Kobwin

Currently we have no electrical connection at Kobwin Children’s Center.  We have only a few small solar panels which provide a limited and unreliable power supply.  Otherwise, we use petroleum which poses safety and health risks.  Electricity would enable the children to have more study time and we would be able to offer other vocational courses such as welding.


Orphan Care Silent Partners

Support the overall work and mission of New Hope Uganda including the following:

  • An excellent Christian education teaching Biblical worldview, self-sustainability, agriculture, among all traditional academic subjects.
  • Daily food, water, and medical care.
  • Excellent childcare staff that oversee the care of children both onsite and work with children and their guardians off-site.
  • Ministry to special needs children and vulnerable infants.
  • Outreach ministries such as our camps ministry, radio ministry, prison, youth, and medical outreaches.

We are seeking 25 silent partners to invest in the overall mission of New Hope Uganda for a commitment of 12 months.

  • 5 partners at $1,000/month
  • 5 partners at $500/month
  • 6 partners at $250/month
  • 10 partners at $100/month


Institute for Gospel

Transformation (I4GT)

I4GT exists to train both our missionaries and other missionaries from around the world before going into the mission field.  Our unique 5-month training program immerses students into Ugandan culture onsite, orphan care, world missions, as well as studying biblical principles related to missions and orphans.  Our aim is to train missionaries to multiply ministry in Uganda and around the world.


$6,940 2-year goal (20 scholarships)

Pastoral Training Institute

In Uganda, there is a prevalence of unhealthy theology, prosperity gospel, and syncretism.  PTI exists to train local pastors in an expanded version of the I4GT course, how to study the Bible, and to teach them how to become self-sustaining while leading their flocks.  PTI’s goal is to impact all of Uganda with the simple truth of the Gospel and the Fatherhood of God.


$12,549 2-year goal (30 scholarships)

Higher Education

We are seeking higher education scholarships for our early adulthood students and our Ugandan missionary children.  Once our children reach early adulthood, a $70/month sponsorship does not cover the higher expenses of university.  Also, our Ugandan missionaries are paid a lesser salary than what they could make elsewhere.  However, we provide many other benefits like our scholarship fund.  Partner with us to continue providing a scholarship fund to our students and Ugandan missionary children.


$81,968 2-year goal (84 early adulthood & 40 missionary children)

Camper Scholarships

The camp experience is core to our childcare program as it addresses the root cause of the orphan crisis in Uganda – a skewed version of manhood and womanhood.  Musana Camps provides an environment where we are able to lead orphaned and vulnerable children through a “Right of Passage” program that teaches Biblical manhood and womanhood.  A scholarship covers all transport, food, room, and board for a week long camp.


$14,820 2-year goal (110 scholarships)

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