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We at New Hope believe that God has called us to a great work – a work that is far beyond our capacity. We enthusiastically welcome YOU to join us in this great work. Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the Fatherless of Uganda will only be possible if the Body of Christ bands together toward this great goal. Let’s do it!

Bringing financial excellence to our Ugandan staff!

The future of New Hope Uganda lies in the hearts and hands of the next generation. We are raising Godly sons and daughters that are bringing light to dark places, but this model does not work without our excellent NHU staff; 150+ teachers, childcare workers, medical staff, childcare staff, accountants, cooks, security and more. They are the ministry’s most important assets! Please join us by participating in our Hope Partner program, supporting the salaries and administrative costs of the Ugandan staff.

We are seeking 50 hope partners this year.

•10 partners at $1,000/month
•10 partners at $500/month
•15 partners at $250/month
•15 partners at $100/month

Become a hope partner today

Partner with us in our ministry initiatives!

• Infrastructure & Construction

This includes any new construction, maintenance, IT, equipment, and land needs.

• Christian Education

School and athletic supplies.

• Orphan Care

Care of the children: food, clothing, and hygiene items.

• Scholarships

Higher education and Musana Camps scholarships.

• Evangelism & Discipleship

Pastoral & ministry training, church-planting, and outreach.

• Medical

Clinics and medical outreach.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Every day New Hope Uganda missionaries love, teach, disciple, feed, clothe, and provide medical care for our sons and daughters. Would you consider sponsoring a child through prayer, provision and relationship?View Profiles

Jay & Vicki Dangers

Keith & Laura Beth McFarland

Denis & Jennie Mutaka

Syd & Andrea Sparks

Josiah & Autumn Dangers