Envisioning Day 3

Several different teachers spoke about Biblical Education on Friday during Envisioning 2014. Branching from the discussions of hallowing God’s name, Pastor Brian Watts discussed that primary level lessons should reveal God’s character to the students. He challenged the audience to return to the Bible for the basic lessons in all subjects and demonstrated that mathematics begins in Genesis 1 with a Biblical foundation for division, multiplication, inequality based on the difference between God and man, and the general concept of bringing order out of chaos.

The choir opened the day with morning worship.

The choir opened the day with morning worship.

Dr. Gillian Kasirye, a professor at Makere University, introduced the New Hope family to the current state of education in Uganda. She expresses that teachers are needy for values in all areas of their lessons. As an example of this, Dr. Kasirye shared that in geography, “we show students the physical features, marvel at the beauty, and we edit out the hand that created it.” She brought to light the reality of the Ugandan and international educational systems that are influenced by materialism and gave a call to the Ugandans and all present to create a better future for our children. She challenged us to bring education back under the hand that created it beginning with our teachers.

Godfrey Kyazze shared the vision of the Master’s Institute for Education (MIE) that will train teachers in Biblical Education methods and models.

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Uncle Geoff and Uncle Tony dialog about practical matters.

  Uncle Geoff Britton and Uncle Tony Muwanguzi spoke to the family on practical matters of living together in community. In an entertaining, but sincere question-and-answer session, they  addressed the challenges of serving together as family encouraging the staff to be aware of challenges yet not let it deter what God is doing. Throughout exploring these different topics, Uncle Geoff and Uncle Tony encouraged us to check whether our actions and behaviors glorify God and the disposition of our hearts.