Envisioning 2015

What does an egg drop, picnic in the park, and Communion have to do with each other?


Pastor Brian speaks about the sacred secular divide in different jobs and how people try to classify certain occupations as ministry or not when they are all part of the Kingdom if done to the Glory of God.

They all represent bringing the family of God together and are some of the more unique aspects of New Hope Uganda Envisioning 2015. NHU Staff members came together from Kasana and Kobwin Children’s Centres and Musana Camps. Envisioning strives to set a unified trajectory for the year and encourage expectant hearts to receive from God throughout the coming months. The 2015 theme “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done” continues in Matthew 6 building upon 2014’s “Hallowed Be Your Name.”

Pastor Brian Watts returned from Canada to challenge staff to search for ways how each of us, as individuals and collectively can participate in the process of bringing and building God’s Kingdom on earth. This does not necessarily translate to an easy life, but rather praying “Your Kingdom Come” acknowledges that in the midst of all the crazy and bad, we can realize that Jesus’ Kingdom has come and He is the King ruling here and now. Yet, in this acknowledgement of God’s Kingdom exists a tension that parts of his Kingdom have not yet come providing us hope for the future when he will bring everything under his dominion.

The Wellington Toss during British cultural night.

The Wellington Toss during British cultural night.

Between the sessions about the theme and practical matters of serving the children in our care, staff drew together to fellowship. Through games together, the group put into action bridging the sacred secular divide that Pastor Watts spoke about demonstrating that even an egg drop can occur to the Glory of God. On Friday afternoon, Uncle Chris divided everyone into their birth months and led an afternoon of games culminating in each team packaging their egg with natural materials gathered from around the site to hopefully survive a drop from the water tower. The majority of the eggs remained intact after meeting the concrete in their varied and creative vessels.

Monday evening brought a picnic in the park with twinkling lights and picnic blankets spread on the grassy primary school field in celebration of British cultural night. Our UK staff outdid themselves preparing country dance lessons, a wellington boot toss, proper tea preparation instructions, how to use cutlery according to British custom, and a visit from the queen – our own Aunt Jill.

The attendees were still delighting over the time of fellowship and relaxing together from the picnic as the final day of Envisioning commenced Tuesday. After visiting more practical matters of serving at this ministry, the staff drew together to close the week and dive back into the first month of 2015 having joined together by taking Communion.

And that is how we want to live – as individuals and a ministry – doing every activity and task to the Glory of God, praying for His Kingdom to come, seeking His will, and engaging in fellowship through the promise of Christ’s death and resurrection. We find hope knowing that God’s Kingdom is here and the completion of it is coming.

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