Childcare Extension Program

Nearly 280 children from surrounding villages attend New Hope schools each day. These children are provided free education because they too are orphaned, fatherless or otherwise needy. These children live with a  relative but often have little else.

New Hope Uganda builds into the lives of these children each day at school but our commitment to these children and the families they live in goes beyond the school day. Extension staff includes area, village and family caretakers who make home visits to both monitor the living conditions of the child but are also to offer much-needed education and training for the child’s family in areas like farming and healthcare. Over time we are seeing these relationships grow and have seen fruit because of it. In our children we are seeing improvement in school attendance and grades, less chronic health and hygiene issues, and a drastic reduction in the teenage drop-out rate. We are also now seeing community parents/guardians who are starting to truly partner with New Hope in the raising of their child. Village meetings with extension staff are becoming well-attended and those coming are not doing so because of an expectation of a material handout.